Paint Tips: Top to Bottom

Paint Tips: Top to Bottom

Paint Tips: Top to Bottom

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Whether you’re a pro or novice, starting at the top gives you a chance to fix those little goofs and other mishaps as you work your way down.

  • Paint the ceiling
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint windows, doors and trim
  • Cleanup

Edges should be cut around doors and windows, above baseboards and at the line where the ceiling meets the wall. Cutting the edges involves outlining the area to be painted with a 2 1/2" angled-bristle brush and is a crucial step in "framing the canvas." From there, a roller can be used for most of the rest of the job.

When painting with a roller, it's important to work in three- to four-foot square sections to make the job more manageable. This also works as a guide for "roller loading" - a roller should not be reloaded until the section has been finished.

Work in a zig-zag pattern: A "W" should be painted on the surface from top to bottom and left to right. From there, the section should be filled with horizontal strokes. To finish off, the section should be smoothed with all-vertical strokes - this will maintain the same "pattern" and help to fuse the smaller sections into one finished surface when the paint is dry. For complete coverage, two coats are almost always recommended.

Even with today's modern paint and primer products, the second coat will bring out truer color and a more durable finish. Don't worry, the second coat usually goes much quicker than the first!

Posted on : Mar 10, 2017
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